John Jasper


John Jasper was an amazing black preacher who began to preach the gospel as a slave in Virginia. About  half of his preaching career was as a slave and the other half was as a free man. He had no formal education or seminary training, but was legendary in his time. He often drew large crowds to his meetings of both black and white folk. Governors, judges, legislators, and “learned” white ministers were greatly moved by the power of Jasper’s preaching. The Sixth Mount Zion Church in Richmond, Virginia stands to this day as a memorial to John Jasper, and nearby is his grave which is marked by a splendid monument. This book was written by Rev. William E. Hatcher, who heard about Jasper and went to hear him preach out of curiosity. He went back again and again and continued going for twenty years, forging a close friendship with the black preacher.

Title:  John Jasper

Author:  William E Hatcher

Pages:  183

Cover Type:  Paperback

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