Who Moved The Goal Posts?


This book is:

  • A serious discussion about why we are not seeing new blood in our churches
  • An alarm to all who sense that something is wrong
  • A call to examine our ways
  • An explanation of why churches cannot show tangible results from soul-winning

Japan, Italy and many other nations are experiencing a crisis in a declining birth rate. Slowly, other cultures other than their own are multiplying faster than their own populations and in doing so are threatening to forever change the character and structure of their respective nations. Our Fundamental Baptist Churches are in the same condition. Very, very few of our churches can point to new members gleaned from the world at large and who now profess the faith of Jesus while embracing the standards of our forefathers.

This book will:

  • Examine changes in our nation’s culture and our inability to respond biblically
  • Challenge pastors to come to grips with the crisis
  • Demonstrate how far we have drifted

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and of Jacob awaken some of my brethren to the depth of the deception happening in our culture and in our churches.

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