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Local Church Bible Publishers is a ministry of Parker Memorial Baptist Church located in Lansing, MI. We are NOT a business, but are equipping the saints with the Sword of the Spirit for the work of the ministry, by love serving one another. (Galatians 5:13) We are able to provide you with all of these high quality King James Bibles at the COST of production partly because of our missionary families that keep our ministry

AT COST or AT THE COST OF PRODUCTION means partly that our ministry is run on a love-offering basis.  Our Local Church pays our heat bills and our electric bills, so we have no overhead in our building.  All of the work in the shop here is done by our missionary families and/or volunteers from our church or area churches.  We pay to have the pages of the Bibles printed, and we pay to have the best binding in the country.  Christians, who are sympathetic to our cause, and keep their costs to us at a minimum do many of these processes.  God has greatly blessed our desire to get His Word in the King James Bible into the hands of people around the world at a price they can afford.  As He provides the funds through love offerings, etc., we are able to increase our production, and even donate leather Bibles to missionaries around the world for those that have never owned a copy of the Scriptures. running smoothly.

Our other printing ministries include:

Bearing Precious Seed and Calvary Publishing