B. R. Lakin


God saved B. R. Lakin when he was around 18 years of age while working in the Forest Lands of West Virginia. Soon after that God called him into His service to carry the Gospel all over  the world. His ministry had a humble beginning. With a mule for transportation he preached in small country churches in the mountains and hills of West Virginia and Kentucky. The transportation changed as well as the size of the congregations. The automobile and jet take him thousands of miles each year to all parts of the United States and overseas. His strength seems to never diminish in his labour of love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Lakin acquired many friends and listeners while a part of the Cadle Tabernacle at Indianapolis, Indiana. His many books of sermons are inspiration to all who read them. He is, in my opinion, the greatest soul winner in the world today. His life has only one purpose and that is to preach Christ never missing an opportunity to glorify the Lord.

Dr. B. R. Lakin is a pastor’s friend and he understands the problems and needs of a pastor having pastored in many churches during the first years of his ministry. He is a true man of God and no sacrifice is too great for him if he furthers the cause of Christ.

Dr. Dallas F. Billington

Pastor of Akron Baptist Temple

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Lakin went to Glory on March 15, 1984

Title: B. R. Lakin

Author: Dr. Kenny McComas

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