Lectures On Romans


Norris was unsurpassed in eloquence. His message appealed to the rich and the poor, the learned and the unlearned, the good and the bad. In speaking of Norris’’ preaching ability, Rev. I.E. Yates, pastor First Baptist Church, San Antonio, wrote in the Baptist Standard:

Dr. J. Frank Norris lead the First Baptist Church of San Antonio in the greatest revival meeting ever held in Texas, and as far as I know, in the south. I never saw a campaign in my life that has produced so many results. We had more than six hundred additions to the First Baptist Church alone, most of whom came by baptism, while hundreds of others joined other churches.

I was not prepared to appreciate his coming, for I never heard such gospel preaching in my day. Dr. Norris is the greatest Bible preacher that I ever heard. He is familiar with every book of the Bible, and can quote more scripture in every sermon than any man I ever heard. He made all his evangelistic appeals on the Word of God. He preached one whole week on hell, until I could hear the wails of the damned, and smell the smoke of their torment. And upon his first invitation, on Sunday night, one hundred and seven people joined the church. I never heard such sermons on hell.

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Dr. J. Frank Norris

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