Stricken With Roses


Long before the Revolutionary war for freedom was fought, there was a Spiritual battle for liberty raging in Boston. September fifteenth, 1651 was no ‘tea party,’’ but it was a day many people remembered for years to come.

Matthias Whitcomb is no stranger to suffering, but one day when he witnesses the barbaric beating of a Baptist man named Obadiah Holmes it changes his life. He begins to question a society and religion that condones and carries out such acts of violence against men and women who are only trying to serve their God. He begins to search the Scriptures and finds a truth so profound that he will never the same.

However, he quickly learns that the same people who once embraced him will now reject him because of what he has learned in the Bible–the very Bible they claim to live by! He must make a choice; God and His Word, or the dictates of man.

With God’’s help, he determines to follow the way that many before him have walked. A way of suffering and hardship; a  way of blessing and hope. It all started with one man who was
stricken with roses.

Stricken-With-RosesAbby Louise Allison

192 pages – Paperback

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