Baptist Heroes of the Faith Vol. 9 James Ireland


Rev. James Ireland was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1748. He came to America and God convicted him He became a preacher soon after his baptism.  He was thrust into jail in Culpeper for preaching without the authority of law; abuse was heaped upon him on his way to prison; within its walls an attempt was made to blow him up with gunpowder, and on its failure an effort was put forth to suffocate him by burning brimstone at the door and window of his jail. It was also planned to poison him. He traveled several years and won and baptized untold numbers of souls throughout his life. He formed several Baptist churches during his ministry, which extended over forty years. Mr. Ireland entered upon his rest May 5, 1806.

Title: Baptist Heroes of the Faith Vol. 9 James Ireland

Author: Evangelist Ted Alexander, D.D.

Pages: 29 Pages

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