The Real Billy Sunday


This book Is about the life of Billy Sunday written by Brown, who was at one time his confidential assistant. Sunday was an American evangelist born in Iowa and, before being saved, was a professional baseball player in the National League. From the Introductory: “The making of this book has not been undertaken as a defense of Mr. Sunday, for he needs none; the Master whom he so energetically serves having put His seal upon his labors in a way that the whole continent has been compelled to take note of. But the book is put into the hand of the reader with the hope and the prayer that through it he may come to know the real Billy Sunday, and learn how wondrously the Lord of Host is using him.”

Title:  The Real Billy Sunday

Author:  Elijah P Brown

Pages:  285

Cover Type:  Paperback


Excellent book on the life of Billy Sunday.


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